Jumat, 12 April 2013


1.       Ardani (spiderman)
2.       Mawar
3.       Black spiderman
4.       Indah
5.       Jono
6.       Nuzlah Ike
Once upon a time in my school, live a spiderman he name is ardani. He is very smart and cute. He has a girl friend name is Nuzlah ike. But he is have a enemy name is black spider.

                At school.
Ike          : hai guys how are you?
Mawar, Indah, Jono, : Hai, I’m very good and you?
Ike : I’m fine. But what are you doing now?
Jono: Oooo we are doing discution  about Ardani.
Ike: what happen with Ardani  jon?
Indah: no problem with ardani. We are talking ardani abaut he get  beasiswa to brazil!
Ike: what?
Indah: ardani has money go to brazil. He want to picnic and look for a beautiful and sexy girl.
Ike: ooh no !!!! dani is a liar.
Indah: hey ike , what do you say ?
Dani :

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